Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pre-Launch Special- Discover your Optimal Health

This is the Medical Director, Leader of the Health/Weight Loss Program we coach, and friend... Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen. He will be viewed as the Country's leading authority on Health and will lead America out of the epidemic of sickness and obesity we are in. Honestly...this is a game changer...and this book will be on the New York Times Best Seller list. I am excited to offer it to you here as a pre-launch special. In fact it will regularly be $17.95 but for now you can get them for $13 with free shipping Just go to my website and order it before July 9th then TEXT ME at the number below this post and I will send you a free sample of our new Pineapple mango or Tripple berry smoothy! Please share this to your Facebook or Twitter.  This book could save the life of someone you know!