My Story

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I  was an energetic Mom but my weight was holding me back!  I would go to games and arrive at the field exhausted.  I would plop down in my chair and not peal myself up till the game was over.  I didn't sit or fit anywhere.  I kept telling my boys we would take them to Disneyland when they were older and that was mostly because I knew they would not let me ride the rides.  I had been turned away before and I never wanted that to happen again!  So, after irregular heartbeats I searched for a program I could follow and lose!  I wasn't on any medication but I was clearly a medical disaster waiting to happen. I went to my doctor and said, "I need help!" However, without insurance, all he would recommend was eating good and exercising.   I hurt too much to exercise. I found this amazing program and decided if others could do it so could I.The plan was so easy to follow.  I put my mind to it and in 6 months I had lost 100 lbs.  It was then that I added exercise and I love that now too!   As I lost I discovered how many things I had denied myself.  I have now lost 200 lbs and  I feel so much better. I can sit in any chair I want and race my kids to the car. I took my kids to Disneyland this summer and rode all the rides.  I didn't know the seats were so big!  No more seat belt extensions and I rode the worlds fastest zip line last week.  I can do anything I want and life is so much fun now!  I am never going back to my old habits, they cost me too much!
Kristy Medina